Fall Sports 2019


Gabriela Castaneda, Staffer


Since fall sports have officially started, Football, Cross Country, Volleyball, and Girls Soccer have all put in their best efforts to succeed and fight for Mariner Pride. Feedback from most of the coaches has been positive for the fall season.

 The football team with the fantastic 51-6 win against Kamiak has Mariner City running rampant, celebrating and planning Kamiak’s funeral. Their hard work is not over yet. The Mariner Marauders are also looking forward to the homecoming game against Mount Vernon, as well as a turnaround season as Assistant Coach, Brad Tonahill suggested. 

Many of the 2019-2020 football coaches believe this season will, ”be better than the last, as we hope to continue the cycle,” Tonahill said. The head Volleyball coach Julia Riordan expects,” a stronger season, with stronger players.” She also notes that” this will be our season; I can feel it.” 

The current varsity volleyball statistics look much more favorable than in years past. Varsity opened the season with an amazing win against South Whidbey, going all the way to 5 sets, and winning 3. Not only are the coaches thrilled for the season to commence, but the entire Varsity Volleyball team is notably exuberant for this fresh start, with hopefully more success.

On the other side of the spectrum, the Boys Tennis Team, although relatively new, expect a resolute season, as they are also,” strong in numbers this season,” Sophomore Jesus Rangel said.  The team feels more than capable of taking on the season and more unified than in previous years. Rangel, the star player on the Varsity Tennis, broke down the “incredible” sportsmanship felt throughout the team. He went as far as to say the Tennis team ”is the equivalent of having twenty brothers, you’ll love ’em, you’ll hate ’em, but regardless, they will always be family.” 

This fall season seems to have a common element amongst Mariner City’s teams. The Soccer team also expects a triumphant return to some winning ways as they stand stronger in numbers than in previous years. It may be too early to call, but the Girls team is more than enthusiastic for the season, and are,” awaiting greatness,”  Sophomore Juliet Galvez said. Noting the previous season had been,” embarrassing,” the Lady Marauders have been anticipating this 2019 season with fire in their eyes. 

Mariner City has fought fierce battles to this point, and even though the first look of our overall sports department is very sporadic, Mariner expects very positive results this season.