Homecoming “Royalty” at Mariner High


Raeden Norris, Staffer

Every year Homecoming seems to be the same popularity contest, nominating a King and Queen based on votes. This year, things are going to be a little different, starting with the removal of the Homecoming King and Queen contest. This year, there will be no King or Queen. You may be upset about that, but it’s not as bad as it sounds.


Principal Nate DuChesne explained how the new Homecoming is going to work. “What we’re going to do is have representatives from every club and activity nominate somebody who best represents their club or activity, and then they’re gonna be the court.” DuChesne says, “They’re going to get recognized, and we’re going to then be able to show to our entire student body all the different things we do at Mariner.” 


The concept is not an original one. DuChesne claimed that “there are other schools around the country that are doing this because of the tradition King and Queen type thing, it seems to be a bit of a popularity contest, and it doesn’t really represent what you’re doing in your school.” 

He went on to say, “Our demographics have really changed over the years, and we have a lot of students here who don’t understand traditional high school, they’re coming from other countries and whatnot, and we want them to be a part of this as well.” 


According to DuChesne, “multiple people have talked about this, a lot of staff have come forward and said ‘hey can we look at other things we can do for Homecoming?’ [Assistant Principal] Ms. Porter and I have talked about it quite a bit with our new leadership teacher, Ms. [Emmalee] McNeil.” 

Will the student body accept this idea?  DuChesne “think[s] eventually [they] will, I think that there are gonna be some students and staff who are disappointed because it’s not the tradition with the Queen and the election, [but]I think that if we continue to tell the ‘why?’ behind it, that we want all students represented, and we want to show people who we are at Mariner” that it will be more widely accepted.” 

It seems that some students are on board already. They were part of the initial discussion.  “We went and talked to students about it too, and got feedback from them, and the great majority of the students in our leadership were excited about it,” DuChesne added. 


The ASB President Emily Dang said, “the change was made to be more inclusive and equal to the students at our school, and be more ahead of the curve. But I know that many high schools around us are also making this change, and I feel like that represents our school more.”


Dang also says that “we all kind of agreed on it. Our principal addressed it to us, saying he would like the change, and we all agreed,” and that “it will make the idea of Homecoming better. It’s not very traditional, therefore we’re more present-minded.”