Newspaper History


Emmanuel Barriga Gonzalez Rey, Staffer

The new Mariner High School Newspaper is taking off with a new name, The Mariner Compass, an entirely digital format, and more! But, what did the newspaper look like before? 

The Newspaper has quite a history. Before the name of the newspaper was The Mariner Compass, the Mariner newspaper had two different names.  

According to former Newspaper adviser and current English and Yearbook teacher Wendy MacDonald, in the 70s and 80s, the newspaper was called Natsilane. But unfortunately, they were forced to change it around October of  2011 to The Marauder Journal after students started mispronouncing it, creating an uncomfortable vibe.

So, they said goodbye to the Natsilane and hello to The Marauders Journal. But as you may know, the name has changed yet again, this time to The Mariner Compass. Now, with it being online, it’s a much easier way to catch up on the latest news at Mariner.

 Kristin Simeone-Myhre also taught the Newspaper class before MacDonald. According to Simeone-Myhre, they didn’t have the technology we have today when she was the adviser. They used an ancient computer for all their formatting. 

Simeone-Myhre said that the programs her class would use the most were Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Page Maker. For them, Adobe Page Maker was their most significant thing in the newspaper. Simeone-Myhre taught w the Newspaper Class for 16 years taking over for the first adviser, Janett Earbi. 

Dave McFadden, a former staff writer for Mariner and a current teacher, said that they would also sell things in the newspaper, like school classifieds. For example, if you had a Game-boy or a Sega console, you could sell those things, or at least put them as an advertisement in the newspaper, and you’d get money for selling your product.

Some of the things they used in the old newspaper were interesting. For Example, they had something called Chew On This; this section was about things happening outside of school. They even had a part in the newspaper called Birds & Bees. This section was mostly about what teens were asking themselves, or maybe even topics they would have been interested in reading.

From all of these changes that the Mariner newspaper has gone through, The Newspaper Production class would be interested in hearing all of your comments and thoughts about the new publication. Let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see on The Mariner Compass in the future!