Mariner newspaper production


Angela Cruz, Photographer

The Mariner Compass newspaper is a place where high school students write articles and report on many different topics around Mariner High School and beyond. Each student from the Mariner Newspaper Compass works in their own way.

Kya Nethercot, a Mariner high school senior joined the Mariner Compass because she enjoys writing and editing.

”I believe it is very important for people to be well informed about issues that affect them.” Kya said. She was hired as the editor in chief of the Mariner Compass. One of her biggest challenges as an editor in chief is writing her own articles and editing them while helping others with their work like writing an article, Maxine Mitchell,  a junior student, joined the Mariner Compass because,” I have a passion for writing. I wish to advance and improve, so one day, perhaps I could inspire someone.”

Maxine is a staffer for the Mariner Compass. Her job is writing articles and creating engaging polls. The polls are to see what people like and what they do more often these days.

One of Maxine’s biggest challenges working at the Newspaper is getting out of her comfort zone. Overall she enjoys working at the Mariner Newspaper paper; she gets along with her team very easily.

Kimberly Ramirez, a freshman at Mariner, joined the Newspaper because she thought it would be exciting to experience. She is the Multimedia Specialist. This means she finds what new trends there are that students may be interested in, such as, movies, music, fashion, and many more.

Once Kimberly finds what’s on the top trends, she takes them and reviews them on what’s good about it. Her job is pretty simple; she likes the writing portion. If she has everything she needs, it’s effortless to type out the information.

One of her biggest challenges about being a Multi-Media Specialist is finding the perfect website for what’s new and what people like these days. Overall she enjoys Mariner Newspaper Compass. It’s a great activity to do