Ms. McNeil Leading the Next Wave of Leadership!


David Gibson, Writer


There is a new Leadership Teacher named Emmalee McNeil! McNeil is friendly, respectful, and has a fun personality. She went to Gonzaga University in Spokane, got her bachelor’s degree in history, and is working on her masters online through Gonzaga.
McNeil has big plans for Leadership this year. She hopes to have events more organized, more planned out, and wants to be more on top of things going on in school. She also would like to incorporate student’s voices outside of the leadership class.
Before becoming the Leadership teacher, McNeil was a student in leadership herself. “Being in the Leadership and ASB program in high school totally changed my life and how I viewed school and others, and so, when I became a teacher, the end goal was to become an ASB and Leadership teacher.”
If it were not for teaching, McNeil said she “would probably, honestly, be like an interior designer or something creative.”
So what encouraged her to become a teacher? McNeil has a whole family of teachers who contributed to her choice of career. She was inspired by her grandfather and how past students would still come back and talk about his class.
McNeil believes one of her biggest strengths as a teacher is her age. She believes that her youth allows her to identify better with the age group she is teaching.
Mcneil‘s teaching philosophy is that “your goal [as a teacher] is to make kids feel successful and so, I think building relationships is the biggest part of that, and making sure that you know your students and making sure you’re vulnerable around your students.”
Being a teacher can put stress on anyone, especially when changing to a different age group. That doesn’t stop McNeil.
Her favorite thing about teaching is “when people feel successful, then they can start reaching higher potentials, and their ceiling that they create for themselves is, like, shattered.”